Tanita Tikaram

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- Ancient Heart

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- Mark Isham
  (Mark Isham)

- Ancient Heart
(1988) WEA 243877 - vinile

1. Good Tradition - 2. Cathedral Song - 3. Singhing Innocents - 4. I Love You - 5. World Outside Your Window - 6. For All These Years - 7. Twist In My Sobriety - 8. Poor Cow - 9. He Like The Sun - 10. Valentine Heart - 11. Preyed Upon

Tanita Tikaram, Rod Argent, Peter Van Hooke, Rory McFarlane, Paul Brady, Helen O'Hara, Phil Todd, Peter Beachill, Noel Langley, Mick Dalton,
Marc Ribot, Martin Ditcham, Mark Isham, David Lindley, Mark Creswell, Malcolm Messiter, Brendan Croker, Clem Clemson, John Georgiadis, Brendan O'Reilly, Ian Jewell, Keith Harvey, Mo Foster

Produced by Peter Van Hooke and Rod Argent
Recorded at The Red Studio on April/June 1988
Engineered by Simon Hurrell
Cover photo by Peter Moss