Herbie Hancock

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- Crossings
- Sextant

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- Give Me The Night
(George Benson)

- A Tribute To Jack Johnson
- Big Fun
- Circle In The Round
- Cooking At The Plugged Nickel
- Directions
- Filles De Kilimangiaro
- Get Up With It
- Heard 'Round The Worlds
- In A Silent Way
- On The Corner

  (Miles Davis)

- The Jewel In The Lotus
  (Bennie Maupin)

- Both Sides Now
- Mingus
  (Joni Mitchell)

- Revenge Of The Killer Bees
  (Airto Moreira)

- Adam's Apple
- Phantom Navigator
- Speak No Evil

  (Wayne Shorter)

- New Gold Dream
  (Simple Minds)

- The Quintet

- Crossings
(1972) Warner Bros. 9362 47542 - cd

1. Sleeping Giant 24.50 - 2. Quasar 7.27 - 3. Water Torture 14.04

Herbie Hancock, Jabali Billy Hart, Michezaji Buster Williams, Mwile Benny Maupin, Swahile Eddie Henderson, Pepo Mtoto Julian Priester, Patrick Gleason, Victor Pontoja, Candy Love, Sandra Stevens, Della Horne, Victoria Domagalski, Scott Beach

Produced by Catero Sound Company, San Francisco
Recorded at Pacific Recording Studios, San Mateo
Engineering by Patrick Gleason and Fred Catero
Cover art by Robert Springett

- Sextant
(1973) Columbia ck 64983 - cd

1. Rain Dance 9.16 - 2. Hidden Shadow 10.11 - 3. Hornets 19.35

Herbie Hancock, Bennie Maupin, Eddie Henderson, Julian Priester, Buster Williams, Billy Hart, Patrick Gleeson, Buck Clarke

Produced by David Robinson
Recorded at Wally Helders and Different Fur Trading, San Francisco on 1973
Engineering by Jerry Zatzin and Fred Catero
Cover art by Robert Springett