Rough Assemblage

- Construction And Demolition

- Construction And Demolition
(1995) Disk Union AVAN 017- cd

1. Mit Starken Schlagen Streckt' Ich Dich
(1992) - 2. Construction And Demolition (1992) - 3. Year One (1993) - 4. Ring 'Em (1992) - 5. Mr. Eadweard J. Muybridge Observes The Rapresentation (1993)

Christine Bard, Mark Degliantoni, James Pugliese,
Marc Ribot, Chris Wood, Norman Yamada, Tim Smith, Anthony Coleman, Leonard Emanuel, Lindy Clear, Lindsay Horner

Produced by Rough Assemblage
Recorded at Baby Monster Studio
Engineering by Bryce Goggin
Cover photo by Allen Chin